As of now, 2W System is COMELT GmbH

As of 1 January 2020, 2W System was rebranded and as of now, it is COMELT – Collin Melt Solutions GmbH.

Dear customers, dear business partners,

We are very happy to inform you that 2W System GmbH has transferred 49% of its shares to its long-lasting, strategic business partner NGA Next Generation Analytics GmbH/Grieskirchen!

Therefore, as of now, 2W System is COMELT – Collin Melt Solutions GmbH.
All that is new – the company name, the chances and possibilities offered by this cooperation!
Our company location is still in Inzersdorf/Kremstal and of course, your familiar contact person will be pleased to help you.

Ideal complement & expansion of know-how
The reason for the sharing was the expansion of the know-how as well as the increase of capacities in order to meet the requirements of the international market:

Beside NGA, also the two NGA subsidiaries – COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions GmbH and BritAS-Recyclinganlagen GmbH – have been counting on the 2W System team for many years. During the last years, COLLIN has been increasing the processing know-how in the field of development and design of various extrusion dies. NGA supports COLLIN in the simulation of the dies with latest CFD software.

Thus, in the field of mechanical manufacture such as lathing, milling, eroding and grinding, COMELT is the optimal partner.