Price escalation clause

In the event that between the date of the offer and the delivery, the producer prices for the manufacture of
machines or equipment increase by more than 3%, in particular price increases of input materials (e.g. metals,
high quality steel, electrical engineering components, etc. …), the Seller may also increase the agreed
machine selling price by the same percentage as the sellers supplier’s price increases as documented by the
index of the German Federal Statistical Office to the contractually fixed delivery prices. Specifically, the price
increases will be guided by the following index:

Federal Statistical Office Germany – GENESIS-Online: Result 61241-0003 (… “Machines for
processing plastics, rubber” type GP09-289610 (in German: „Maschinen zur Bearbeitung von Kunststoffen,
Kautschuk“ Typ GP09-289610) are used as a reference.