Slot dies

BSD 150 to BSD 600 with width gradings of 50 mm
BSD 600 to BSD 2500 with width gradings of 100 mm

In flat film extrusion, the die significantly decides on the quality of the film. The slot dies from COMELT cover a wide range and are available from 150 mm to 2.5 m.

As standard, all models have a preparation for coextrusion (rectangular die inlet) for the production of multi-layer films. Mono-layer films can easily be realized via a mono-adapter. The distributor channel can be designed in different geometries (e. g. T-distributor, fish-tail-distributor or as coat hanger geometry).

All slot dies are equipped with a flexible die lip. Optimal for the production of high-quality films, where a high thickness tolerance is essential. Moreover, the system allows to realize different gap widths with only one tool.

BSD700 mit FB80/9 und seitliche Pinolen